*disclaimer: I am not affiliated to any of the brands/products mentioned below.

What is a boost?

A boost is pretty much anything that helps your life improve. Books, habits, entertainment, foods, activities, pets, anything you can control that helps move your life in a positive direction.

My own boosts

I got this idea from Hey There, Chelsie and I have decided to create a list of my 10 favorite boosts with a little explanation of why and how they have improved my life. I will start from the boosts that have the smallest to the highest impact in my life.

Honest Kids Juice

I have always loved fruit juices but most of the juices out in the market aren’t real fruit juices. For a while, I made my own juices but that takes a lot of time, not to mention that buying fruits isn’t always cheap. With the cold season upon us, I wanted to up my fruit intake to help me get all the wonderful vitamins that boost my immune system; with that in mind, I decided to buy fruit juices and stumbled upon Honest Kids. Not only do they taste great, but they also provide you will all the vitamin C that you need to keep your body from getting a cold!


I have never been a fan of exercise, but I do realize the importance of getting up every once in a while, to move around at least for a couple of minutes. My Fitbit notifies me every hour, so I get up and walk for at least three minutes. It is not a marathon, but it gets me moving through the day.


I became an active sushi lover when I moved to Spain. My sister and I used to eat a lot of sushi and now I continue to love sushi. I don’t eat sushi as often as I used to, but it is my go-to meal when I’ve had a rough week. Not only does it taste delicious but also it reminds me of when I used to live with my sister.


While I don’t consider myself to be a great cook, I definitely enjoy it. Cooking has given me a hobby where can use my creativity to experiment create new dishes (which doesn’t always go right). Most of the time I like to dairy-free meals that taste as good as the dairy options that I can’t eat. It is also a lot of fun to cook with Haley and Jasmin and do some craziness in the kitchen.

Eye pillow

I had wanted an eye pillow for a long time, but I had not found a good affordable option, until a little while ago when Target had them on sale. The awesome thing about eye pillows is that they can be heated or frozen, to help you relax. It is great for when I have migraines because the cooling helps relieve the pain, and when I have trouble sleeping, I warm it up and it relaxes me.


While it might sound of silly, I find joy in YouTube. Sometimes when days get really hard, my go-to is isolating myself; YouTube keeps me entertained but it also keeps me from sinking deeper into my sadness.

My yellow notebook

I have one small yellow notebook where I write down random thoughts and ideas that I want to remember. I’ve had it for around 5 years now and it is still going! You might be wondering how is that possible? Well, every once in a while, I happen to misplace the notebook or replace it with a cuter one. Anyway, I think it is amazing to have a notebook that has collected my thoughts through so many years!


It is no wonder that I am a coffee lover, I drink coffee every morning because otherwise I just can’t deal with the world! I enjoy making coffee just as much as I enjoy drinking it. I can never write without coffee and definitely cannot go to class before my morning cup of coffee.


For a long time, I denied that writing was my calling but finally, two years ago, I embraced the madness of being a writer. Writing has improved my life in so many ways; I wouldn’t have this blog if I were not a writer and would not have connected with amazing people that I’ve met through it. Writing allows me to share my feelings, and even yet, it gives me a great tool to explore my feelings and make sense out of them.


People count too, right? I have two amazing roommates: Haley and Jasmin; I also have a wonderful boyfriend: BJ. These three people have changed my life into something extremely wonderful that is well worth living!

What are your boosts?

What things move your life in a more positive direction? How long have they been in your life and how do they make your life better?

I hope all of you are staying warm during this rough winter!!

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