Hello wonderful human beings, as you already know there was a tiny glitch on the blog so on the next few days you will be getting old posts until I get this glitched fixed. Except for thursdays when you will be getting new posts, so I will write {old post} for everything that is a repost so fell free to ignore those if you already read them. Today I am giving you a post from around a year ago:

It has been a week since I left the U.S. and I haven’t seen my boyfriend ever since. Even though it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be, I am already filling my head with negative ideas about how our relationship is doomed to failure. As always, I went to Pinterest in the search of whatever I could find about long distance relationships. I started reading articles that guaranteed the salvation of my relationships. Most of all articles talked about trust and communication, so I started feeling better because if there is one thing we do is communicate. Video chats after dinner have become a habit and being on the same time zone has allowed us to talk throughout the day with almost no problems.

I was feeling better about our chance of success, but I kept on reading until I found myself reading articles about “what you are doing wrong in your relationship” and “5 signs that he doesn’t truly love you”. If I had started panicking, I was going crazy by now. I read so many articles that by the end of the day I wasn’t even sure if I knew what love was. It left me thinking, and after a couple of days and some more articles I have come to the realization that none of those articles have a clue about my relationships. Of course, there is some true to them, if you don’t trust your partner it will be hard to build a long-lasting relationship, but the truth is that they cannot condemn my relationship based on the amount of phone calls we make a day or how many “I love you” we say. Why? Because each relationship is different, and each person has a unique way to love. So naturally, all of these articles are based on someone else’s experience and someone else’s way of understanding love. Sure, there are some general “rules” like trusting each other, communicating and what not, but the specific way in which you and your significant other do so cannot be compare to how someone else does it.

Sometimes it can be entertaining to read articles of that sort, but I find it to be negative and unhealthy to be comparing my relationship to those on the internet. I am doing my best to stay away from those articles and to remember that just because an article said that we have to write letter to each other, we won’t be doomed if we don’t. There is no guideline or recipe that guarantees love, even if you check all the “signs that you are in the perfect relationship” you might not be in one. So, I am going with what feels right and what works for us. The internet cannot teach us how to love.

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