Hello wonderful human beings

Todays post is going to be for a couple of different things.

First of all, I want to apologize because I am still working on reposting old post that got deleted due to the glitch that the blog experienced a couple of weeks ago. There are some of you who have following the blog for a while now and might be starting to get tired of reciving emails with old posts, I am really sorry about that. But today is thursday so we have new content.

This week I want to announce two new things that are going to happen in the blog. The first one is exclusive content! How will exclusive content work? Really easily, if you pay $5 a month, you will get a new short story every week. All you have to do is pay down below and once you have done that make sure to leave me your contact information, so that I can add you to the exclusive mail list.

Exclusive content

Pay $5 a month to be part of a mailing list that will recieve exclusive short stories every week.


The second announcement that I want to make is that I have decided to start a podcast. All of the episodes will be uploaded here in the blog–I will create a special page for that– so that you can listen to them on here. I already recorded the first episode and you listen to it right here.

That is it for today!

Let me know what you guys think about the new additions to the blog and as always let me know of anything you would like me to write about or try for the blog.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and don’t forget to go share your love with everyone around you, or do something that makes planet earth a better place to live at.

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