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Edd the gecko 

For all of you who didn’t know, I got a new pet as a gift for myself on my last birthday (October 21, 2018). I had always wanted a gecko because I think they are extremely cute and based on the research I made, they are a great reptile for beginners. I still did a lot of research before getting Edd, and continue to do so, to make sure I give him the best care possible. 

Why did I get Edd? 

Ever since I was a little kid, we always had pets, and the longest I’ve ever been without a pet has been two years—which have been the past two years. While living in Spain I had Igor, my rescued cat, and Murphy, my turtle, also at home we have had all sorts pets. The real reason for getting Edd, was not because I’m used to living with pets, but rather because I needed an emotional support animal. 

How old is he?

I don’t know exactly how old he is since the pet store I got him from did not provide me with that information. However, based on the fact that he sheds once a month I know he is not a baby. His tail is starting to get fatter, so he might be getting closer to be an adult. 

A little bit of back story 

The first time I moved out of home, to live in Spain, I moved into an apartment with my sister and thing just didn’t feel like home. I knew right away that I wanted a pet, so my sister and I agreed on having a turtle. If you have ever had a turtle you know that while they are really easy to take care of, you can’t really pet them since they don’t like that, and they do bite. So, on 2015, I got Igor from a shelter. He was a little kitten, just two weeks old, and his former owner couldn’t keep him (or any of his siblings) since they were not expected or wanted. The reason why I got a Cat and not a dog, was because I wouldn’t have enough time to walk a dog three times a day.  

At the time I got Igor, I didn’t know about the term “emotional support animal,” however that is what Igor was for me. According to Wikipedia an emotional support animal (ESA) or support animal, is a companion animal (pet) that a medical professional says provides some benefit for a person disabled by a mental health condition or emotional disorder. Emotional support animals are typically dogs but are sometimes cats or other animals.

People who qualify for emotional support animals have verifiable psychological disabilities that substantially interfere with major life activities, such as anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, or panic attacks. 

That is all

As always, let me know what you think. Do you have a pet? Is it an emotional support animal? Have you ever seen a gecko before?

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