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This post is about my trip to New York City with my family and BJ!

The first day is arrival day 

While we had arrived on June 18, BJ didn’t make there until the next day at noon due to a flight delay. On day one, we walked around Central Park and visited the museum. Even though BJ was tired and had a migraine, he still made dinosaur jokes every chance he got. We were all a little awkward at first, and BJ barely interacted with my family that first day but that didn’t stop us from having a good time. 

The second day in New York City

 We went to China Town and eat at Joe’s Shanghai which I really liked. We were a large group, so we took up the whole table and the restaurant was fairly empty. We had an almost brunch kind of lunch, but I have heard that they will do communal tables and sit you with strangers without asking you. We tried several things that the waiter recommended because we had no idea what to order. The food was delicious, I totally recommend it. We then walked to Wallstreet and went to a Yankees game. (yes, the Yankees won). Over all it was fun day, and what’s more important, it gave BJ plenty of time to hang out with my family. 

The third day is a dress day 

While, yes, I was wearing a dress, we walked around all day. The weather was around 80 degrees and therefore wearing a dress was amazing. We walked around Times Square and had lunch at TGIF, another delicious choice. Of course, lunch was during the World Cup soccer game and of course, I have no idea who played nor won. I’m sure BJ could point out every single player on the game. After lunch we headed back to the apartment to get ready for a Broadway play. Now, if you ever go to a Broadway play, regardless of what theater it is at, always print your tickets the moment you get the email. My dad accidentally erased the email and forgot to print the tickets, so of course you can imagine what a crazy half an hour we had right before the play when he realized what had happened. Luckily my sister was able to find the email and we rushed to theater and made just a couple of minutes before doors closed. Anastasia was such a beautiful play, if you ever have the chance, I 100% recommend it. 

The rest of the days are rest days

On the fourth, fifth and sixth days we laid low and rested. On the fourth day we barely got out of the apartment because we were exhausted from the play and slept until almost noon. The fifth day was also a relax day, the only difference is that we relaxed at West Point while visiting some family members from my mom’s side of the family. Finally, on the sixth day, we only went out to have lunch at little Italy while watching another soccer game. This time I do know that Germany was playing. Anyhow, after lunch we went to mass and back to the apartment. 

It might seem like we didn’t have fun or didn’t take advantage of our trip, but truth be told, I have never been the kind of person who enjoys trips where you have to be walking around all day. I would much rather sit at the beach or rest at a lake house than to walk around NYC. So, for us (BJ and me) resting and having relax days is much more enjoyable than that. Even though New York is a beautiful place, it is not the kind of place that gets me excited. For me it is more of a once in several years kind of trip. 

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