Hello wonderful human beings, how are you today? I am currently sick with the flu, but I have gathered enough strength for this post because a lot of people have requested it. I also want to say thank you, because last week’s post “Let’s Talk About Sex” had such a positive reaction. 

For those of you who don’t know, BJ and I met through “Coffee Meets Bagel”, an online dating app. After two weeks of talking, BJ asked me on a date and we went out on Monday, October 23, 2017. 

Here is what happened on that date

Because it was a Monday, I had to rush after class to get ready. I was really nervous, so one of my roommates helped me pick my outfit and did my makeup, while the other one was looking out the window to spy on what cars were driving by to try and figure out what car belonged to BJ.

As I was finishing to get ready, I got a text from him telling me that he was outside in a white car. The very first thing he said when he saw me was “wow you are short,” to which I replied, “maybe you are too tall” and we both laughed. Awkwardly and nervously but laughing none the less. 

Realizing that he was also nervous made me feel better, because I realized that we were both in the same situation, it also made me realize that he really wanted this because he was willing to step out of his comfort zone to go out with me. It seems crazy for a lot of people, to go out on a date with someone you have never met in person, but we were willing to do it because we liked each other and we both thought it was worth the try.

Once on his car he asked me how to pronounce my name and he kept repeating it to make sure he was pronouncing it right–he has never actually called me by my name. We had decided to go on a walk alongside the Mississippi river and then have dinner at one of the restaurants down town. 

We soon realized that we walked at completely different speeds, so he constantly had to stop and wait for me or I had to speed walk to catch up to him. To solve this, he decided to hold my hand and as he was doing it, he said “this way we can walk together.” I was forced to walk a little faster and he was forced to walk a little slower, until we found a pace at which we were both comfortable. 

As we walked, we noticed some ducks swimming in the half-frozen river and stopped to admire them. he looked at me and with all seriousness he tried to convince me that he is half duck. To challenge his made-up scientific facts, I dare him to jump in the water and swim with the ducks. He refused under the excuse that he would be with me and added “if you come with me, I will swim to China if you want.”

We continued walking and talked about our childhood. About the things we like or dislike. About sports, video games, hobbies, books and life. I talked about Spain and nursing school, he talked about math and work. I learned about his life goals, as he discovered the things I felt passionate about. 

When it started raining, we ran into the nearest restaurant to have dinner. The place was empty, but it still took long for our food to arrive, while we waited, we made silly faces to each other and talked about the things that make us feel awkward and uncomfortable. He reached over the table to hold my hand and looked at me like he could unwind the mysteries of who I am by simply looking at me. 

After dinner, he took me back to school and after kissing me goodbye, he asked me on a second date. Four days later we went on a second date and have been going out for 21 moths now. 

Do you have a love story?

Let me know in the comments below how you and your significant other met. What do you think about online dating? and have you ever/would ever try it? Until next week, go take care of our planet and share love to everyone around you. 

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