Disclaimer: I am affiliated to some of the links mentioned below and will receive a commission when you use them to buy products. I am not a medical professional and the advice provided is not meant to cure nor diagnose any illness, and is solemly based on my experience, with the intention to help those who might be benefited by this information.

Hello everyone! After a whole month of not posting, I am getting it all together! Anyway, this post is a re-write of a previous post I had, but sadly lost during the glitch this summer. People often ask me how I manage migraines while staying away from pain killers, so I am sharing that with you guys again.

Somethings you might have already heard of

If you have been looking for a way to get rid of migraines, or at least make them less frequent, you have probably been told about exercise. Honestly speaking, I am not a very active person, and for a long time I ignored this advice. I am still not an exercise lover, but a small walk everyday (or really any exercise) can help you reduce the frequency of them.

Drink a lot of water. I cannot stress this enough, half of my migraines happen as I realize I haven’t drank any water. If you already have a migraine and suspect it might due to dehydration try to drink water by sips rather than whole cups at a time (you will be peeing a lot if you do). It will take about an hour and at least 32 onz of water, but you will get through it!

The things that help me

Eye pillow, eye pillow, eye pillow!!! Put it inside the freezer when you feel a migraine start to come in and leave there for at least 30 minutes (I keep mine in there almost permanently). Put it over you eyes or at the back of your neck and let it work.

Essential oils! My favorite are lavender, peppermint and patchouli. I apply them on my forehead and the back of my neck. You can use each one by itself or combine them.

Humidifier. Honestly speaking, I have no idea if there is science behind it and/or if this is something that only helps me, but it might be worth the try. I just cracked mine up yesterday for the first time this season and it does help me feel better. I think it is mostly because I can breath and sleep better (ergo my brain feels better), but if not for the migraines it does help prevent the spread of diseases and it is cold season….so, two birds one stone?

Sunglasses. They won’t make the pain disappear but they will absolutely help. I learned this from my CPR and first aid class, when your brain is in pain it needs rest (assuming that it is a simple migraine/headache and not a serious medical condition) a lot of people assume that watching tv counts as resting, but when your brain needs rest it means “stop using it”, and light from your tv, phone and/or computer will not allow it to rest. If you can’t stop what you are doing to close your eyes and rest, you can wear your sunglasses to help it be less stressed. I know this one from experience, and yes some classmates have looked at me like I am crazy but whatever for the headache.

Singing. When you sing (and this proven science) you allow your lungs to get more oxygen, which will go to your brain and make you feel better. Laughing or yawning a lot will do the same so go out there sing and laugh until your head doesn’t hurt anymore.

Sleep and coffee are always there!! No, I don’t have a list for how to take a nap or my favorite pillow (I can tell you what it is if you want). I could also give you some of my favorite coffees if you wanted them. Anyway, caffeine has been proven to restore blood flow to the brain which helps it heal faster. As for taking a nap, I know most of you have busy days and taking a nap is not a luxury you can afford, but the longer you go and continue working with a migraine, the worst it will become.

Let me know what natural ways help you get rid of migraines, and please please please tell me about delicious (dairy free) coffee–because my life and this blog would be nothing without it! I hope to see you back next week, with more awesomeness.


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