Hello everyone! I have been trying really hard to post once a week, and you can tell by the fact that this is getting posted on saturday night that I almost skipped this week.

The reason why I have been struggling to write posts is because I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself about only writing informational posts or trendy posts. However, this blog is called “Coffee With Andrea” because it is supposed to be a chill blog about me, you can come here and be my friend or you can read my posts and judge me, eith one is fine.

I rememebr a two years ago, when this blog began, someone told me “there is nothing extraordinary about your life, what makes you believe anyone would like to read that?” But if you think about it I am a 24 year-old college student who is about to get married and graduate (after 2 years of nursing school and 3 years of writing and art) I moved from Guatemala to Spain and from Spain to the U.S. If that isn’t extraordinary, what is?

Maybe you want to read about an insta famouse, became rich in two days kind of life, but thats not my life nor is it the life I want. Maybe it is true, maybe I will lose all of you guys once I begin to write more about the things I am passionate about but that’s fine. As sad as it might be to lose wonderful followers, this isnt about becoming famous.

So…why do I have this blog? For one, I love writing and this blog even if no one reads it, is a great place to keep writing all sorts of things. Secondly, I am just a human trying to achieve a series of crazy and wild dreams, and if experience can inspire others in any way shape or form, then it is worth writing it.

I will continue to have posts that informational like the past two posts about snails and migraines, but instead of being so packed with information I have found from outside sources I would like to talk more about my experience with those topics. For example instead of having a post about “how to breed snails” I will have a post about “here is what I did after randomly finding eggs inside my snail tank.” There will be posts about major life changes and small life changes, some times I will have short post just to keep you updated and some times I will have long life reflexions. I will also have posts about my pets, coffee (because lets be honest none of this is possible without it), experiments I try. Posts about trips, my art and about books. Every once in a while I might write a post topics you guys suggest, so keep the ideas coming.

If you have read this far, I greatly appreciate it! I love this blog, and it has been a lot of work to create and keep up, so I want it to be authentic to who I am! I apologize if this week’s post didn’t bring any sort of rewards for you, I just had a couple of things to say. I consider you guys my friends, hence come have coffee with me and let’s just talk. 

As always, be kind and lovely. Go spread all of you happiness around, and work on something that makes you fill life fulfillment! Leave your comments down below and let me know what you think about this blog or about life or anything you want to talk about! 

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