Hello everyone! Yes, you have guested, it is my birthday and so I am writing a bonus post. It is not so much about my birthday in itself about all the great things I have accomplished this year, and the fact that in one month I will be getting married.

I started writing this post a couple of hours ago but I started crying, out of pure happiness so I had to stop. I apologize if this gets too cheesy.

Two years ago I downloaded an app call “Coffee meets Bagel” because a friend of mine recommended it. Her and I actually downloaded at the same and created our profiles together. I had gone on a couple of online date before from Bumble and Tinder, but none of them had felt right so I had stopped the whole online thing and only decided to try this because my friend was doing it with me.

The app asked some questions and then every day recommended a person that it thought matched my questions.

I never really understood the app because it would show you only one person a day and the next day I had no way of finding the profile again, so when I was showed one that matched 97% I was like yeah lets talk to this person. From the begining he was extremely sweet and somehow it felt right.

I know a lot of people don’t believe in faith or destiny or even God, and that fine each person had their own beliefs. I God brought us together. After ending a very toxic relationship (click here to read about it) I spent 5 years working on myself, defining who I was and whom I wanted to be, deptermining what life had in store for me, and there where a lot of times when I felt lost. I prayed to God every night and one day I felt like I needed to love Spain and drop out of nursing school, that is how I ended up in Iowa. After that I kept praying for guidance and I began to pray for someone to love me.

I didn’t have to pray for that long before brandon came along, and like I said something felt different about him. I continued praying, I went to mass everyday, and something in me felt like God was saying “this is it.” I know how crazy it sounds, but even now when I pray about our relationship, I still feel God saying “this is it, this is the man that loves you.”

We went on our first date on October 23…Yes that is two days after my birthday.

And we have been going out ever since.

Now you know why I am talking about him on my birthday post. Getting to celebrate my birthday means I get to celebrate sharing my life with an amazing human being (or is he an alien?). So, I’ll take you down memory lane…

So we got more…

and more…

We adopted Edd and now he’s one year old.

We decided one gecko wasn’t enough, so we rescued JP.

Brandon has driven to Chicago to pick me up a couple of times now.

and yes I have had a count down ever since….

We got more plants and even more pets (snails and fish) and soon we’ll have a cat.

Personal accomplishments you ask

  1. I am graduating college in two months.
  2. I am almost done with a book I am going to publish next year.
  3. Finally decided to step outside my comfort zone and take a drawing class.
  4. I have sent stories, poems and art works to several periodicals. Haven’t been published in any of them but I am still working on it.
  5. I have lost weight, got healthier, worked on myself.

Every year just keeps getting better and better.

Thank you for reading this far, thank you for helping me have an amazing birthday. Until next time, go out there and live your life! Live to the fullest, go out there and share all the love you have, and please work to be happiest that you can be!

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