Hello everyone, you probably already guest by the title that today we are talking about my pets. If you are here you probably love pets just as much as me! (or maybe you stubbled here and don’t even know how). Anyway, I will give you a short update of my pets and then tell you a little about my future plans regarding pets.

First things first, how many pets do I have? the answer is 8!! 2 leopard geckos, 3 snails, and 3 guppy fish. I also have a clutch of mystery snail eggs, hoping those hatch soon.

Let’s talk about animals

I will be doing this in order of who came first.

Edd the gecko

He is one year old now! At the moment he lives with BJ (only 25 days until the wedding). He does not like to be bothered, he usually has a grumpy face and bites fingers if wiggled infront of his face! He lets me handle him but doesn’t seem to enjoy it, so most of the time he is a just observe kind of pet.

You can read the post I wrote about him by clicking here.

JP the little rescue

JP is actually a couple of years old, but has only been with us for 10 months. We rescued him from a friend of a friend. At the time he was so underweight he was smaller than Edd (even tho JP is older), now he has finally reached his optimal weight.

He loves being handled and let out of his tank. He has never actually tried to scape, even though he loves running. He still struggles to eat, so BJ handfeeds him and patiently waits for JP to eat each worm.

Mystery snails

I know the picture shows four and I only mentioned three…well, sadly dash passed away not long ago, after his shell cracked. I don’t know what heppened but the other three are looking good and growing.

Ever since getting them, I have comfirmed that Doris is indeed a girl but Wanda isn’t. Bob is still to little to reproduce so I don’t know about him.

They love eating cucumbers, they have been breeding like crazy lately, they are active all day but specially at night.

You can read the post I wrote about them by clicking here.


I don’t think I have mentioned this, given that they have only been with me for a week. They were a birthday gift from BJ. From top to buttom they are Momma Bear, Little lady, and Tequila (male).

There isn’t much update on them since it hasn’t been that long since I have got them, but yes Momma Bear got her name from getting pregnant day one!

Pets are a big responsability!

I always say this when I mention my pets but it is never said enough! Not only from providing the right scenario, food and friends, owning pets also comes with paying the bills (light, heat, water) and the possibility of having to take them to the vet in case it is needed. Pets also require love and attention. So many pets need to be rescued because owners don’t know what they are getting themselves into, do you homework! Research, research and more research!

Our future pet plans

In a couple of months, after BJ and I are all moved in together we will be getting a cat. That is the most immediate change or plan that will be happening.

However, one of our bigger plans is to have a larger aquarium with more aquatic creatures. Currently our tank is 3.5 gallons, which is enough space for our fish and snails, but nothing else!

It would be great to have a larger tank so we could create a more stable ecosystem. At the moment we have no idea how big it would be or where we would place it, but we would like to have a bigger variety of fish, also other animals like shrimp, and maybe even a turtle.

Another plan is to breed our snails, this of course would require a large tank for the babies, and a new rehoming system so we don’t have a baby snail overloead. Of course, my snails are not just breeding matchines so there are responsabilities that come with being a breeder.

That is all for today

Might not be the most exciting post for everyone but if you have pets, please let me know about them! I love hearing about pets!

Go out and be awesome! Share your love with the world and don’t forget to go after what makes you happy!

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