Hello wonderful human beings, ghosts, aliens and anyone else who might be reading this, everyone of you males my dream come true!

Before we begin talking about my epic fail with Christmas cookies, I have a side note. Lately I have been getting comments about changing my content to please my audience and/or to get more readership. I know sometimes I write posts that are sad/negative and that could be avoided. I could only write happy things and never talk about the times in life when I have struggled. When I started this blog, I did it to share my life in a holistic and honest way, I am not here to be famous.

With that said, let’s transition to what this post is actually about! Brandon loves cookies and I enjoy baking them, so I decided to try my hand at Christmas cookies. At first I searched for recipes on the cook book Brandon’s grandma gave me for my birthday, but all the recipes called for too many dairy ingredients I didn’t know how to substitute or simply took too long. This being the first time I’ve ever made Christmas Cookies from scratch, I wanted an easy recipe!

Of course Pinterest had what I was looking for…or so I thought. The recipe I tried was “Christmas Lights Cookies” by Healthy Living and Lifestyle. You should remember that I am not at all a good baker, so it is possible that the mistake was mine and somehow I ruined the cookies.

Anyhow, I made the cookies and very carefully followed all the instructions but things did not go well. After baking the cookies and waiting for them to cool down to put the icing, I decided to try one. I don’t know what the taste was, but it was awful! It was very salty, but then they almost tasted like soap *sigh*.

Needless to say, those six cookies (yes the recipe only made a batch of 6) ended up in the trash. I don’t like throwing food away, but those were really inedible. So back to the cooking book, I ended up making a batch of cookies that took around four hours (you need to chill the dough for a couple of hours) but they have been approved by Brandon and are almost gone in a couple of days!

I did change the original recipe a little bit, by substituting milk and butter with nondairy options, so that might affect the taste a little bit. In my opinion these ones turned out really good, I will make another post to share that recipe!

I guess it is true what they say “good things take time,” and I have learned my lesson. With that on mind, I have decided to learn more recipes from the cook books I have, so I will create a section on the blog dedicated to trying recipes.

Let me know in the comments below what are recipes you love/hate, what are things you’ve tried that didn’t go as plan, and do you have any unbelievably easy recipes that are delicious?

Until next time, stay jolly and I hope your holiday season is filled with love!

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