Hello wonderful human beings, today I am sharing another original, creative piece. I hope you enjoy it.

We walked into my room and he closed the door behind him. His green eyes traced the surface of my dress as his hands followed the path drawn by his sight on my skin until he reached my shoulders and took my dress off. I laid on my bed as I watched him undress and for the first time my mind understood the way in which his body had become a vessel for his soul. I knew who he was, and now I discovered what he looked like. I could pair the birthmark on his back to childhood memories and tie the scar on his arm to a work anecdote. I allowed my lips to trace the contour of dreams he has kept quiet and soften the edges of adventures that never happened. 

I ran my thumb through his face and found the eyes of a man who has guarded his heart like pirates who have created fake treasure maps. He has built walls with signs that never point anywhere past casual dates. And he walks around life as if being single is an armor that protects him from broken compliments and abandoned hearts, but his body tingled as it touched mine. His skin was warm.

I think it’s curious how nobody really knows him. I’ve watched him dance in the car while singing half-made up lyrics to random songs on the radio, while others only get to know the quiet, responsible manager who gets up at 5 am and stays an extra shift to cover for someone who just “couldn’t make it to work.” I see a man who eats Lucky Charms because I told him they are magical, while others only see a twenty-four-year-old guy who spends too much time on his own.

Now I see the ways in which his skin stretches and folds, the areas that have never received sun at all. I find the moles and freckles that have grown with him and I get lost in a world that can only be discovered when someone takes the time to undress his soul. 

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