Hello everyone, today I bring you even more poems. I hope you are enjoying them. Each poem contains eleven free verse lines with no rhyme and represent in themselves an aspect I consider to be an essential part of love; “Astronaut” represents the immensity of love; “Storm Chaser” represents the difficulties and struggles that come with loving someone; “Gardener” exposes the beauty of love; and “Hunter” exposes a non-corresponded love. Even though each poem stands on its own, they are written as a series to emphasize that all four aspects are equally important, despite the fact that love (sometimes) appears to be prominent in one aspect over the others. The titles “Astronaut”, “Storm Chaser”, “Gardener” and “Hunter” are all professions, this highlights the importance of the effort put into relationships. Also, each one represents a degree of love; the astronaut is merely an observer of the universe, like a passive lover who is merely an observer of love or the loved one. This represents the simplest of love forms: a crush. The storm chaser is a fearless pursuer of the desired love. The gardener takes care of what blossoms from the love. Finally, the hunter goes after the desired love, but it escapes from the reach of the lover.


Your eyes,

Speaking of stars.

Your hands,

Drawing constellations in my heart.

Your lips,

Victims of gravity,

Shooting stars down my spine.

Our bodies,

Colliding galaxies.

Our love,

Bigger than infinity.

Storm Chaser

Your face,

Drowning on a rainy day.

Your words,

Echoing thunders in my heart.

Your kisses,

Lost in frost bitten lips,

Shivering at the touch of me.

Our arguments,

Disturbing hurricanes.

Our love,

Stronger than tragedy.


Your heart,

Beating a melody.

Your hugs,

Warming up my day.

Your smile,

Fertilized by a kiss,

Planting sunflowers on my skin.

Our memories,

Rising sunshine.

Our love,

Prettier than spring.


Your smiles,

Hiding in the woods.

Your touch,

Running away from me.

Your voice,

Silenced by the wind,

Hypnotizing me.

Our happiness,

Impossible to catch.

Our love,

Faster than wolves.

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