Hello wonderful people, have you been enjoying your day? For us it has been a very rainy day, so I’ve spent most of it curled under a blanket. It did give me a great opportunity to catch up on household chores I’ve been ignoring due to the nice weather.

I did go outside to put out a couple of glass containers to collect rain, I save the water for other hot days when it doesn’t rain, so I can water my plants.

While I was doing that, our cats decided to sneak outside and the three of us got very wet. So after coming back inside I took a warm shower got on my comfy PJs and decided to sit and read.

I have two new books “The Name of this Book is a Secret” and “If You are Reading this it is too Late” which are part of trilogy (I couldn’t find the third one) for children. Yes, I’m reading children’s books. I just wanted something simple yet entertaining, a light read.

I got them yesterday, when Brandon and I were on our walk to town we decided to stop and the bookstore—well, I stopped at the book store while he ate ice cream. Anyhow, it was a very nice day yesterday and the rain today was very well needed.

I have planted some herbs and other veggies in the garden, so we’ll have to wait and see what awesome salads we can make.

This hasn’t been a very eventful week, except for the first essay going live yesterday, did you read it yet? Given the amount of time and effort these essays take I haven’t decided if it will be a weekly posts or biweekly, I’ll have to decide based on how long the next one takes.

Until next week, let me know how your spring is going. Do you like the rain? Don’t forget to be happy and share your love with those around you.

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