Last Wednesday, Brandon and I went on a walk and I started talking to a little bunny hopping by, Brandon giggled and asked why I am always so kind. Naturally I asked what was wrong with being kind, and he explained that while there is nothing wrong with being kind, what of someone uses my sweetness as a tool to harm me? While it is true (especially due to the current situation) that someone could decide to hurt me, whether physically or emotionally, because they don’t like the idea of me being an immigrant. While Brandon’s concerns are well founded, the possibility of someone being mean to me does not give me the right to be mean first, AND THAT APPLIES TO EVERYONE!
I want to change the situation but I can’t ask you to do something I’m not willing to do myself, and the only thing I’m willing to do is love. But what does it look like to love a stranger? What does it look like to love someone who has hurt you? What does it look like to love the people on your neighborhood? What does it look like to love people who disagrees with you? What does it look like to love someone regardless of whether or not you believe they deserve it? It’s so much easier to say than do; I too have failed to love when I should have. So this is what loving looks like (please feel free to add to the list)

  1. Smile! You don’t know the person? Doesn’t matter smile anyways. And when someone smiles at you, smile back. And that goes to waving too, because I know a lot of people who love saying hi when walking by.
  2. Always, always always, be kind! What does kindness looks like? Be gentle, be nice, be sweet.
  3. Leave prejudice behind! What is prejudice? Assuming that someone is/will act a certain way based on stereotypes, rumors, looks or the differences between you and the other person.
  4. Learn to be emotionally mature! A lot of times not knowing how to deal with our feelings leads to us acting in ways others don’t deserve to be treated. It is okay to have a bad day, it is not okay to take it on someone else.
  5. Be honest, with yourself and others! Then go the next step and accept the truth. Some times that means changing certain aspects of ourselves, sometimes that means having a thought discussion with our friends.

No permanent change can be done until we all learn to love!

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