Hello wonderful humans, how have you been? I know it has been a long time since I last posted (before yesterday, of course) but honestly I loved taking a break from the internet.

So you might be wondering what I did in the past 3 weeks and I truly stayed out of the internet. Well, for the first week, I did, and it was hard so I had to get rid of my social media apps on my phone.

The second and now the third week, I have had my apps back on my phone but every time I grab my phone I ask myself “why am I using it/why am I opening social media?” “Is there something else I would enjoy more than social media?” “Is there something else I should be doing instead of using social media?”

Now, before I continue I have to say, there is not inherently wrong with social media. The reason why I decided to take a break is because there was a lot of negativity and hate going around. And even though, nothing was being said directly to me (except for what I shared on my last post) the things, videos, pictures, opinions and comments that were being shared hurt me deeply. So, in case you don’t know, a month ago or so Gorge Floyd was killed by a police officer. That sparked anger in a lot of people who have the right to be angry, a social justice movement has begun and hopefully it reaches the change it desires. So, what’s all the bad negative things I found on social media? A lot of people who are racist, people who continuesly want to put others down and hurt them.

All of these caused me pain for two main reasons 1. I felt personally attacked by a lot of things that were shared on social media, and 2. Because I could feel the pain of the people who have been dealing with racism for centuries. Racism isn’t just something that happens in the United States, and it isn’t something that only happens against black people. Not long ago, there was a murder in Guatemala; Domingo Cho Ché was burned alive under the pretext that he was a witch, because he was Mayan, he practiced natural healings, and was overall an expert in mayan culture. So we all have to reflect on the kind of people we are and how we treat others, the fact that someone has been mean/disrespectful to you, doesn’t mean you get to be mean in return to the person hurting or anyone else for that matter.

So, now that I’ve explained why I decided to take a break from the internet let’s talk about the things I did do.

1. Spend time in the garden

I don’t think this would be a surprise to anyone, I love being outside. Whether just hanging out with the cats and enjoying the nice days, or actually working on the garden itself, I have been loving it.

2. Reading and writing

I love reading, I finished 2 books and started a third. I will be talking about them in the future, so stay tuned for that. I have been working on a new children’s book and I am very excited about that—this is a book I wrote when I was in high school but never finished so that’s what I am doing now.

3. Spending time with my pets

There’s not much to say about this, other than I couldn’t find a picture of Edd.

Lastly, though this happened early on March (4 months ago) bit today I got a notification on my phone that said it’s been 112 days since the last time I had a migraine. I have a post about how to get rid of migraines and I still do those things but….

…the reason why I haven’t had a migraine in so long is because I got a piercing!

This is called a daith piercing.

I know it sounds ridiculous to say a piercing would prevent migraines, but this one is placed on a acupuncture point of pressure that is already used to relieve migraines. Before I got it I was a little skeptical, even though I have heard and researched a lot of stories from people who benefited from it, I was still not completely convinced, but I ended up getting it because on February I spent a whole week in bed, barely spending any time awake because of a migraine—the worst migraine I’ve ever had. After that I decided to go ahead and get the piercing because I never again want to feel as bad as I did during that week.

So that’s another non-pain-killer way to get rid of migraines. Though I should warn you it takes about 3 months for the piercing to fully heal and not hurt at all. It’s not excruciating pain but it does get inflamed and hurt upon being touched. So that’s something to keep in mind.

So that’s this week’s update and if you have read this far, thank you, but also you get the little treat of knowing that tomorrow I am dying my hair lavender (follow me on Instagram to see a picture when it happens). There will be a picture of how I look with my new hair, on next week’s post.

Until then be awesome, educate yourself on matters of social justice, and do something that makes you happy.

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