Hello wonderful human beings, can you believe I almost forgot it was Thursday again? How was your week?

Yesterday I got a reminder that there’s some of you guys, that have been following me for a whole two years! How amazing is that?

It got me thinking about when I started this blog, three years ago. If you have been here for a long time or you’ve binge read my posts, you probably already know that back in 2016 I dropped out of nursing school to pursue my dream of becoming a writer. I used to have another blog were I posted short stories and a couple of random opinion posts, which were mostly in Spanish (since English is my second language).

I remember, when I went back to school at the beginning of 2017, I was consuming as many blogs as I could to see what others were writing, and I desperately wanted my blog to go viral.

You see, my dream has always been to publish my own books, and I started writing a blog because it was a way to get my name out there. At first that’s all it was, I didn’t care much what was being written but just going viral. I was following so many “rules” and “steps” on how to be a successful blogger.

Needless to say, I wasn’t enjoying it and it wasn’t working out. Quickly, very quickly, it started to feel like what was once a dream, was now a prison. I was putting myself inside my own box of rules and steps to achieve a goal, that wasn’t my real dream. See, I don’t care about whether I am famous or not, sure being famous would probably pay the bills and make selling books easier, but my dream isn’t to be famous, it is to write.

I should could become famous by writing but the things is that trying to be famous isn’t the same as trying to be a writer. When you are trying to be famous, fame is your priority, when you are trying to be a writer, writing is your priority.

And that goes for whatever it is your are trying to do. The only rule there is to being successful is to the thing that you are passionate about, because that’s the only thing you are going to enjoy doing say after day, that’s the only thing that’s going to be worth the sacrifices.

Believe it or not, I’ve gained more followers in the past couple of months, posting only once a week and writing about whatever I want to write. I have also enjoyed it more, and I have been able to connect with you guys and truly interact with you.

So what do you think? What are your goals? What are you going after?

That’s all I have for today, until next week, remember to do something that brings a smile to your face, eat delicious food and help someone feel loved.

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