Good morning beautiful humans, how are you today? I am doing good. The other day I went to bed feeling really excited about life in general and I don’t know if I’ve ever felt like that before, like “wow I’m so excited for tomorrow and the day after that because my life is just that amazing right now.”

Anyhow, I wanted to say thanks to all of you because the post “Analysis of The Gospel According to Mark” has gone viral. Like I mentioned last week, it helps me a lot when you guys share the blog with other people because the more people we reach, the easier it is for me to make this a full-time job.

Speaking of writing, I have finally finished reading the first short story in the “Complete works of Edgar Allan Poe.” It was hard because it had a lot of scientific and mathematical details, and I had a hard time picturing this made up flying machine that is the center of the story. Anyway, I still have to do some research and write the essay but I promise it’s coming soon. I am trying to decide whether to make a post as introduction to E.A. Poe in general or just do the short stories, so let me know if you are interested in reading about him as a human and writer.

Analysis essays take a long time to write but they are honestly my ultimate favorite thing to do. They always make me feel so smart by the end and I get to merge philosophy into writing, which is another thing I love. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I went for a philosophy minor in college, I was one class short of actually completing the minor because I took the wrong class and I didn’t have a 400 level one, but I still dedicated a lot of time to learning philosophy. My favorite class was history of medieval philosophy; learning about the philosophy of the past helps us understand a lot about our current society and own philosophy. I personally think that everyone should take at least one course on philosophy because it can help you a lot, for even just understanding who you are and why you act/think the way you do based on what you believe. It also forces you to question your believes, and in that, grow to be a self aware human.

I hope this isn’t boring you because I could talk about this for ages, however I do have a bit of sad news. I don’t if you remember Jon the goldfish and all of his other little friends, but sadly he (and his friends) has passed away. Last week everything thing in the fish tank began dying. First it was the guppies, then the snails, on Monday Jon died and yesterday our pleco passed away. It all happened with in a couple of days and we truly don’t know what happened. We have three fishies that have survived and are now in a new tank. My heart is a little broken but I also understand that death is something that happens to all beautiful creatures of earth, it is just more shocking that they all died with in a week and now a have a huge empty tank.

Our other pets are doing great, so let me know if you would like an update on them. Just as a reminder we have two leopard geckos and two cats. I am still trying to convince Brandon that we need a goat.

On a brighter note, we harvested our carrots yesterday. They are all little ones but they are big enough to be eaten and I will definitely eat them. We are also just a couple of days away from harvesting our watermelon and I can barely wait. I will let you know how that goes.

Until next week, don’t forget to do things that make you excited about life, share your love to everyone around you, and please share the blog with more people so that I can make this my full time job.

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