Hello wonderful human beings, how are you today? I am 25 and feeling fine. Feeling great actually. Yesterday was my birthday and I had a lot of fun, Brandon and I have celebrated every day of the week so I really cannot complain.

As part of my birthday week I want to make a post related to turning 25. I gave it a lot of thought and decided to make about things I’ve learned and things I want to do, so here it goes.

25 things I learned while being 24

  1. If I let them, people will continue to push me around.
  2. It is okay to remove toxic people from my life.
  3. Simple things (like the rain) can make me happy.
  4. Sometimes dancing in the kitchen is all I need to feel better.
  5. There is nothing wrong about having a lazy day.
  6. I love baking.
  7. I don’t like wearing jeans.
  8. Having pink hair is awesome.
  9. I have awesome friends.
  10. Cleaning the house isn’t as bad as I thought.
  11. I like cookies and ice cream.
  12. It is okay not to care about calories.
  13. Food tastes better when I grow it myself.
  14. Before taking advice from someone, think about who the person is.
  15. It is good to have childlike wonder.
  16. Make up is optional
  17. And so is shaving.
  18. Being married is pretty awesome.
  19. My cats love me unconditionally.
  20. The best way to meditate is the way that works best for me.
  21. Grounding myself with the earth is a necessity, having the time to do it is a luxury.
  22. There is no need to be doing something every single hour of the day.
  23. Selfcare is not selfish.
  24. Setting and keeping boundaries is essential.
  25. It is easier to fall asleep when cuddling Brandon.

25 things I want to do before turning 26

  1. Open my own business.
  2. Publish at least one book.
  3. Learn how to make chicken pot pie.
  4. Get through a whole cook book.
  5. Make my own notebooks.
  6. Finish a whole year of bullet journaling.
  7. Learn ASL (american sign language).
  8. Read the entire book of all works of Edgar Allan Poe.
  9. Learn how to bake bread.
  10. Get better at yoga.
  11. Read a book per week.
  12. Learn to ask for help when I need it.
  13. Create a selfcare routine and use it.
  14. Become someone that works out every day.
  15. Find work outs that are fun and I enjoy.
  16. Learn more about being self-sufficient.
  17. Beat Brandon and Pokemon.
  18. Live more minimally; use what I own before buying new stuff
  19. Finish painting the wall in the living room.
  20. Stop being afraid to share my art.
  21. Learn more about the things Brandon enjoys.
  22. Try a haircut I’ve never had.
  23. Learn new art skills.
  24. Learn about living in a more ecological way.
  25. Be proud of whom I am.

I’ve honestly had an amazing birthday and I am very glad to have yet another year with my sweet love.

I will continue to celebrate for the rest of the week, until next time, do something that makes you happy and share your love with everyone.

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