Good morning wonderful human beings, how is your week going so far? I have mostly been in bed, well half of it I’ve been in bed. Monday and Tuesday I had a lot of anxiety which resulted in an awful migraine, so both Monday and Tuesday, I spent 90% of the day in bed. Thankfully I have Brandon to help me, care for me and support me through these hard anxiety and migraine moments.

Anyhow, I am feeling a lot better now. I got up early today (clearly I didn’t need anymore sleeping) and sat down to journal for a while. I lost track of time and almost forgot about today’s post, but here I am.

Last week I mentioned how I had carved my halloween pumpkins but didn’t have any pictures of the finish decoration that I did, so I will begin by sharing that.

The bats and spiderwebs were a last minute idea that my little sister Cora gave me, and I think they turned out really cute. Several kids actually mentioned liking them and a couple said they were scary. I absolutely love how cute the pumpkins ended up looking and I already have lots of ideas for next year.

Original I wasn’t going to wear a costume, but I changed my mind last minute so I improvised one with stuff I had at home.

I did it thinking of being a fairy but some people mentioned I looked like mother earth, and a little princess said I looked like an angel. So I will call this a very successful last minute costume.

I also wanted to share with you the completed #typetober challenge. This is a challenge I did during October, were I had to do a lettering art piece every day following the prompts created by Letterverse. You can find them on instagram, if you are interested in learning more the challenge itself.

I had a lot of fun doing this challenge even though there are a few pieces that I don’t necessarily like.

Finally, before I end this post, I wanted to talk about fiambre which is a traditional Guatemalan food made for All Saintsaints Day. Something that is very interesting in Guatemala is that the Catholic religion brought by the Spaniards mixed with the mayan religion and sort of created a new one. Now a days there are people who are just Christians but the majority of people still hold a mixed religion, and I think it is because of how religious and spiritual the mayans were to begin with.
Another famous tradition on November 1st are the kites that are flown during the day. It is believed that we can send messages to our deceased loved ones through these kites and they can guide souls to find heaven. Though I don’t know the meaning of the colors in the Mayan tradition, I know they are very important.
Fiambre is a food that is only eaten during November 1st. It is a mixed of pickled veggies and cold cut meat, and it is eaten cold because od being prepared ahead of time but also because people take it to the cemetery and families leave it as an offering to their loved ones.

This year I made it following my grandmother’s recipe and it turned out delicious.

And that is all for this week, I have a lot of other things to do today since I haven’t done any cleaning this week, and it is almost my best friend’s wedding and I am not done with her gift yet. So, until next week, tell me about your family traditions do you celebrate halloween? Don’t forget to share your loved with everyone around you and do something everyday that makes yo happy.


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