Hello wonderful human beings, how are you doing? I would say good morning but it is kind of late for that.

The winter is upon us, with a couple of snow days and the weather below zero, going outside just isn’t an option. In all honesty, I love the cold weather. I can stay warm and cozy at home under a blanket drinking tea and knitting. I have been working on a blanket for the two years and I don’t seem to be able to finish it. I do only work on it during winter, so I have that as an excuse.

I hope to be done this winter so we can actually use it instead of just having a bunch of yarn on a drawer. The only issue is, our cats think the blanket is for them, and though it isn’t finish, they steal it every chance they get.

On another note, we did our Christmas decorations this weekend and have been watching Christmas movies every night.

This year I decided to use dried oranges to decorate our Christmas tree, because I have been told that helps keep the cats from climbing the tree. So far it has worked, it smells good and looks cute, so it is a win on my books. Have you ever had issues with your pets attacking your Christmas decorations?

How do you guys celebrate Christmas? Do you have tree? Stockings? Do you believe in Santa? Let me know in the comments below.

For those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas, I would love to hear about your celebrations during the holiday season.

My little sister and I have been having a lot of fun and I do want to tell you all about it, but that also means I am extra busy, so forgive me if the posts haven’t been as good as you expect them. Believe I have a lot I want to talk about but I am struggling to find enough time to sit down and write a full post. She is only here for another two weeks, so after that posts will go back to normal.

With that said, until next week, have fun, do something that makes you happy and don’t forget to share your love.

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