Hello wonderful human beings, how are your holidays going? Mine are going good. I am still having fun with my little sister, sadly she is leaving soon. The good news is that I will have more time to write on the blog, and I do feel like I owe you a couple of posts because I haven’t been posting as regular as I would like. When she first came I didn’t realize how much time and energy it would take to be with her. I have struggled to even finish house chores, let’s not talk about the pile of dishes on sitting on the sink, the point is that we have been having a lot of fun.

Because of that I have resorted to waiting until midnight to write this post. I really don’t know what my life would look like without caffeine. I guess I wouldn’t have a blog in honor of coffee if it wasn’t such an essential part of my life. You want to know something funny? (and I call it funny because I would rather laugh than cry). I waited until midnight to write this post because I thought I would be able to have some alone time to write, but as I type this I am being interrogated about why I like unicorns. They are magical, what can I say?

Anyhow, I promise this isn’t just a ranting post, I do actually have things to talk about. Firstly or first of all, Blogmas. If you have never heard about this concept, it is pretty much a portmanteau of the words “blog” and “christmas” to mean the blog post specifically created revolving around christmas. I have seen them be done from December first to the twenty-fifth, but because it is a little late for that, we are doing twelve days of christmas x2, twelve days before Christmas and then the actual twelve days of Christmas.

I have never done something like this and have no idea how it will turn out, but I do hope you enjoy it. Something I know for sure is that the majority of these posts will be preschedule, so if you follow me on instagram, you might see things happen slightly before you do in here. I also have to say Thank You one more time because you guys made the post “Analysis on The Gospel According to Mark” go viral. You are awesome for that and I will for ever be grateful.

Happy first day of Blogmas, today I want to tell you about something called salt dough. Apparently this is a craft that a lot of people have successfully done and now I get to say I have done it as well. I remember trying this a couple of years ago and absolutely failing, but alas this year it worked. Now, if you don’t know what salt dough is just think of clay that you can DIY.

My little sister and I decided to give it a try after we saw it on a Christmas crafting show. We had a lot of fun throughout the entire process and now we have some funny and random christmas ornaments that we nade ourselves.

For some reason I din’t take any pictures while painting them, but since we haven’t finished them yet I can still do that and have them on a future post. Most of these ornaments aren’t Christmas related but I am still going to hang them on the tree next year.

I hope you like this first post and all of the ones that will follow for Blogmas. Let me know what your thoughts are and what Christmas related things you would like to read about. Once again, if you don’t celebrate Christmas let me know if you celebrate anything during this holiday season, and if you do celebrate Christmas, let me know about your family traditions for this time of the year.

Until tomorrow, do something awesome and share your love with those around you. Don’t forget how wonderful you are and how much your life matters.

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