Hello beautiful beans, how is your week going? Today I almost forgot to have a post to upload. I am still not used to the whole “one post a day” thing.

I don’t know if you remember from my birthday post that I mentioned having 25 goals to complete before my 26 birthday. Well, one of those is to cook my way through a whole cookbook. That includes appetizers, desserts, and everything else that can be found in the cookbook.

Yesterday I tried the first two recipes from one of my cookbooks. I chose this one because it is has both dairy and gluten free recipes which makes my life a lot easier.

I tried to make Basil Garlic Chicken and Brussels sprouts with avocado salad. I give both of them a 3 out of 5, they weren’t bad but also not delicious. I know this is my first time making it so there is a high chance that part of them not being delicious is my less than amazing cooking experience.

Don’t judge me for my paper plates.

All and all, I am excited to try more recipes and widen my horizons. I will let you know when I cook the next thing, for now I gotta go bake some Christmas cookies.

Until tomorrow, enjoy your morning coffee, eat something delicious, and don’t forget to love the people around you.

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