*disclaimer I am not an expert and the information here is based on my own personal experience.

Hello wonderful human beings, how are you today? I am really happy and excited.

For those of you who don’t know, I am an immigrant in the United States. I am originally from Guatemala but have lived in Iowa for the past four years. I moved to the US to get an undergraduate in writing and philosophy, while at school I met Brandon and we got married last year. Since then we have been going through the process of obtaining my permanent residency (aka green card), and yesterday we received a notice about the biometrics appointment.

This is not the last step and it does not guarantee that we will in fact obtain a green card, but it is one of the last steps. It is also a great advancement in the process, and it means that so far they haven’t found any reason to deny our green card.

Yesterday we also received a letter from IRS with information regarding my tax payer ID, which is a step needed to obtain my work permit.

After so many months of having no information whatsoever, it is a great relief to finally know that things are moving forward and we are so close to completing the process!

Yesterday was a day full of great news and I have regained a lot of the hope I was starting to lose. I can’t stop smiling now!

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