Hello wonderful humans, how are doing today? Are you ready for Christmas? If you don’t celebrate Christmas like I do, what are your holiday celebrations?

Yesterday Brandon asked me if I could bake chocolate chip cookies for him to take to work today and so I did.

I made two batches of Brandon’s Favorite Cookies. The first one was perfect like usual, the cookies taste delicious, but the second one….well, I don’t know what happened but the dough ended up too runny and some of them ended up very thin.

My mom recommended I chill the rest of the dough for a couple of hours and try baking it later. I did that, and they did come out better but sti don’t look the prettiest.

While I was baking the cookies I had the amazing of also making lasagna since I was already using the oven. I put everything together and into the over it goes. Everything was going according to plan until the lasagna overflowed and it ended up on an oven mess.

I guess I had a run of bad luck, but all in all the cookies taste good (though they don’t look the prettiest) and the lasagna was delicious.

Has this ever happened to you? I had an art professor who used to blame gremlins when things just went wrong at the print shop. Some days, even when you did everything perfectly right, your prints just didn’t come out the way you wanted them. I always thought it was hunted because you would be always hear noises coming from the walls and things would move around, or disappear all together.

Maybe our house ghost just didn’t want me in the kitchen yesterday.

Anyhow, I have to go wrap the presents because somehow that slipped of my mind and I haven’t done any of it. So, until tomorrow, drink some hot chocolate, hug a person you love and don’t forget to do something that makes you happy.

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