Good morning wonderful human beings, who else is surrounded by snow? We didn’t get as much as it was predicted, but Brandon was not happy shoveling the snow this morning.

Do you want to know what I realized today? I know how to suture a wound and I know how to stich bind a book, but I have absolutely no idea how to mend a pair of pants.

Yesterday when I was doing laundry I found three of Brandon’s work pants with a hole. Now, usually I would just ignore the holes since that is what he is doing, but the holes are all on his butt. As much as I hate the idea of sewing, I can’t have him walking around showing his butt.

Let’s be honest, my patching work is by no means fancy but it’s better than showing his underwear. Now, the question is will he notice? He is not one to pay the most attention to things like this, so there is a chance he won’t even notice his pants have been mended.

Meanwhile I will go looking for places to buy work pants, and try to learn more about mending them. Until tomorrow, get ready for the new year, share your happiness and love, and don’t forget to do something that fills you with passion.

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