Hello wonderful human beings, happy New Year! Today I have a letter I wrote to 2021. Read it, reflect on it, let me know what you think.

You are the year full of expectations. The year that is supposed to be our salvation. We go to you full of hope, to be lived by our new selfs. You are the one to bring on change, to keep on moving the wave against the shore in the hopes of uncovering a shell to blow loud enough to call us all home. You are the we have all waiting for, the calm after the storm.

But what do we even know?

You will be the year that brings back memories of moments we hope to forget. Things we want to fool ourselves into forgetting. And you won’t be the year that makes the world better, unless we become the kind of people willing to change the world. And I know a lot of us will make of you the replacement of the year we lost, until we fall into an endless cycle of trying to catch up with the years we are losing because we keep chasing after the things 2020 robbed us.

But you are nothing more than a new calendar year.

So I won’t hold you on a pedestal. And I won’t have the hope that you will erase the pain. Instead, I will look at myself and ask of me the things I once expected of you.

You are not the year of our salvation, but perhaps, you are the year we finally save ourselves.

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