Hello beautiful human, how are you today? I know, it’s been a long time since the last post (over a month to be precise). I didn’t intend to take such a long break, or a break at all to be honest, but it just sort of happened and I let it.

December is already a busy month for a lot of people because of the holidays and the end of the year, and that was definitely the case for me. I had a lot of things going on so I decided to focus on those things and take a break from the blog instead of rushing a blog post or doing halfway.

So, what has been going on since December?

At the end of November I participated in another craft fair which was a complete success, and I had some people ask about where they could find my stuff to buy outside of craft fairs. So I dedicated the first weeks or so of December to setting up my Etsy shop (click here to go there). I don’t have many things at the moment because I need to create more, but I will let you know whenever I add new things.

On the second week of December my parents were visiting, and since I haven’t seen them in a long time, I had to spend as much time as possible with them.

On that second weekend of December I was teaching a bookbinding workshop, which is one of my dreams come true.

Bookbinding is something I love doing and it was such an honor to be able to teach this class to others. It was an absolute wonderful experience, and hopefully I get to teach more classes in the future.

And then it was Christmas. What a busy week we had; people to visit, places to go, food to eat. A good amount of fun, but at the same time busy and tiring.

I spent the week between Christmas and New Years working on setting up my journal for 2022 and specifically for January, because I knew I wouldn’t have much time once the year started.

And off I went to Portugal. This was my first trip outside of the United States since the summer of 2019! Now that I have my green card, I am free to travel to other countries. So of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join a family trip to Europe. I miss traveling so much, and can’t wait to be able to take Brandon to Guatemala.

So here we are, the second week of January, just like that. Time goes by flying! Now that you are all caught up, I hope you understand why I didn’t post anything on the last month. Until next time, don’t forget to do something that makes you happy, and share your love with everyone around you.

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  1. Laura Y. De Mendoza says:

    Hola Andrea, me alegra mucho que estás dando clases, participando en ferias y ya tienes una tienda en línea. Estás hecha una empresaria!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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