A Walk With A Stranger

Hello wonderful human beings, how are you today? I am currently sick with the flu, but I have gathered enough strength for this post because a lot of people have requested it. I also want to say thank you, because last week’s post “Let’s Talk About Sex” had such a positive reaction.  For those of youContinue reading “A Walk With A Stranger”

Let’s Talk About Sex

Hello to all of you wonderful humans Today’s post is a more personal one since I will be talking about sex and my personal experience with it. If you don’t feel comfortable reading about this, feel free to exit the post–I won’t be mad. I decided to write this post because I personally had aContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sex”

Facing the Diagnosis

{old post} Hello everyone! I have been wanting to post this for a while now, but it has been hard to actually do it. Finally, here it is.  How is all started Last year I began feeling absolutely miserable around summer time. It was especially hard because I had people around me, who (in goodContinue reading “Facing the Diagnosis”